"Photo shoot no.12" and "Photo shoot no.15."

These series of photographs are both part of an ongoing work/process. They document a performance that was, in this instance, viewed by only the camera and the photographer. The photographs form an important part of the work as they provide another enterance into it. The works main concerns are an obsession with individual aesthetics and vanity and their many implications e.g. jealousy, violence...

"My dirty little secret"

Is another product of this ongoing process. It is again concerned with aesthetics and vanity, jealousy and violence but in a more specific and feminine way.


Amy Thomas cv

School: The Glasgow AcademyUniversity: Edinburgh College of Art
Course: BA(hons) Sculpture
Year of Study: Third year
Exhibitions: November 2005 - Sugarcube Gallery, Edinburgh

Group Exhibition,
http://sugarcube.org.uk <http://sugarcube.org.uk/>

June 2005 - Glitterarty, Glasgow
I curated and exhibited in this exhibition that was part of the Glasgow West End Festival.
March 2005 - Andrew Grant Gallery, Edinburgh
Group Exhibition
February 2005 - Sculpture Court Exhibtion, ECA, Edinburgh|
Anual group exhibition,
http://sculpturecourt.info <http://sculpturecourt.info/>

June 2004 - ESW, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop, Edinburgh